Universal antibacterial growth promoter

Active ingredients of Lincstin are  worldwide accepted for their efficacy as antibacterial growth promoter and are widely used.

How Lincstin is Universal Growth Promoter:

Lincstin is very cost effective and result oriented growth promoter which can be safely used at all stages, in all types of poultry.
Lincstin being complementary combination of two antibiotics gives broad spectrum activity, covering most of common pathogens available in gut whether gram +ve or gram –ve.
Lincstin has excellent efficacy in hot climates like India, stable at high temperature during palletizing.
Lincstin keeps gut and general health in good condition.
Lincstin Improves production of Enzymes and hence absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
Lactobacillus (in base) in Lincstin boost immunity of bird also helps to increase microflora.

Indications :

Prevents Necrotic Entritis & E.coli. Controls E.coli ( At higher dose).Act as a growth promoter and improves feed conversion ratio.

Benefits :

  • Uniform growth.
  • Better Feed Conversion Efficiency and weight gain in broiler.
  • Better Feed Conversion, laying percentage, fertility , hygiene, hatchability of eggs and more marketable eggs in layers and breeders.
  • Reduces heat stress, lowers mortality and improves overall performance.
  • Residue in tissue poses no danger at recommended growth promoter dose hence, there is no withdrawal period.


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