The demand of better performance has heavily gone down on immunity of birds. As a result, incidences of high intensity diseases are very common nowadays, which is leading farmers toward great losses.

Immunity is the only barrier which can stand between diseases and bird’s health, because strong immunity can guard birds/animals round the clock against diseases.

It becomes inevitable to make the poultry immune systems strong enough to adapt to face above said situations.
There are a number of factors which lead to immuno-suppression and poor immunity :-

  • Growth & high performance oriented genetic makeup.
  • Vertical transmission of clinical and subclinical diseases to day old chick from its parent.
  • Weight of day old chick - underweight chick will have underdeveloped immune organs.
  • Nutritional insufficiencies of Minerals, Vitamins & Amino acids.
  • Stresses -Vaccination, Brooding, Extreme climatic conditions & fast growth can also attract diseases.
  • Toxins reduce WBCs, affect activity of Liver and specific immunity towards vaccines.
  • Diseases like IBD, CRD & Gumboro which crash the Immune system.

The Organs responsible for Immunity are following:
Thymus & Bursa, Bone Marrow, Intestine, Spleen & Liver.

Components of immunity :
Physical Barriers, Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunnity and Intestinal Immune Appratus.

Why a Comprehensive Immuno-strengthening Solution needed:
Immune system needs to be strengthened particularly in severe disease conditions or vaccination failures when Bird’s immune system gets crashed.
An immune system is needed which is fast and strong enough to face such challenges. Immune system can be strengthened against these challenges by providing of specific nutrition to nourish and strengthen all the organs of immune system, so a comprehensive solution which can work on all organs of immune system becomes mandate.

What is Immon:

Immon - is the combination of nature’s chosen algae, herbs, micro and macro nutrients like Nucleotides, Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins ( E & C ), Spirulina, Elecrolytes, Energy, Picorhiza Kurroa, Asparagus ascendus, Moringa olifera which synergize to strengthen and restore immunity.

IMMON: A comprehensive Approach

Immon ensures fitness of immune system which depends on various factors like stress management, immuno-strengthening nutrition specially required for development maintenance of various organs of immune system. Immon maintains, strengthens and stimulates immune system in following ways.
Maintenance of Immune Organs like Liver, Bursa Spleen, Thymus, and Intestine.
Liver protection
Respiratory System Strengthening
Stress Relieving & Antioxidant supplementation
Pathogen count Control
Intestinal Integrity
Contingency Rescue

Why Immon:

  • Immon covers all requirements of immune system and take care of non specific or specific, systemic or mucosal aspects of immunity.Intestinal mucosa contains 65-75% of total Ig- producing cells.
  • Immon is the best ever introduced Immuno-strengthener & adaptogen in world for poultry.
  • Immon is highly effective during diseased conditions like CRD, all Viral and bacterial infections.
  • Immon delivers unparalleled results.
  • Immon reduces cost of production by reducing medicinal cost, total mortality and by improving over all performance.

Salient Features:

  • Immon prevents degeneration and stimulates regeneration.
  • Immon nourishes on basis of principles of nature i.e. provide every organ on basis of need.
  • Immon discourages virus replication during viral infections.
  • Immon works as a Contingency Rescue System which rescues birds from severe immuno-supression and brings immune system to normalcy and assists any treatment to give optimum results.
  • Immon helps in the optimum growth of immune organs and ensure optimum immune response to vaccines and diseases.

Indications :

  • To prevent and control immuno- suppression due to stress, diseases and nutritional insufficiencies.
  • To prevent early chick mortality and over all mortality even during viral and bacterial diseases.
  • To improve immune response and vaccine performance.
  • To prevent embryonic mortality.
  • To improve growth, performance and disease management in poultry cattle, sheep,goats, pigs,cats, dogs, & racing horses.

Special Recommendation :

  • Three days before and after vaccination.
  • During diseases to control mortality & disease when response of treatment is poor because of immuno-suppression.
  • During convalescence

Prevention Programme :

First One to two week of chick life and there after Two to three days in a week.

Dosage for Liquid ( Per 100 birds)   Dosage for powder (Per ton of feed)
Category Regular
Once a Day
To control
Twice a day
Regular Week a Month Control
(First One to two week)
10 ml 10 ml 750gm -1 kg 750gm -1 kg 2 kg
(2 to 3 days in a week)
10 ml 15 ml 350-500 gm 750gm -1 kg 2 kg
Layers & Broiler
(2 to 3 days in a week)
15 ml 15 ml 350-500 gm 750gm -1 kg 2 kg
(2 to 3 days in a week)
20 ml 20 ml 1.5 kg 2 kg 3 kg



500 ml, 5 ltr and 1 Kg


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