Liver is one of the most important organ in body. Liver plays role in :
Bile production which plays role in fat digestion & stops putrefaction of food.
Detoxification of many drugs and toxins.
Break down and utilization of digested proteins.
Production of important proteins– Albumin, Plasma proteins and Globulins ( For Immune System)
Storage of carbohydrates required for emergencies like less or no feed intake.
Above said functions itself speak importance of liver in livability, health, growth and cost of production in poultry which directly affect loss or profit volumes of poultry farmer.
There is loss of production when liver get damaged and starts dysfunctioning.

Damage or dysfunction of Liver happens in following two ways :-

1. Mycotoxin and other toxins cause liver cell damage & degeneration.
2. Excess fat deposition leads to fatty liver Syndrome.
So liver becomes damaged and sluggish.
A balanced combination which can simultaneously mobilize fats and help in regeneration of liver cells. 

Composition :

Hepatotox Liquid :
Tricholin citrate, Glycine, Citric acid , Inositol, DL Methionine, Vit B12, Vitamin E , Biotin, Zinc Sulphate, Yeast Extract, Liver Extract, Syrupy base.
Hepatotox Powder :
Tricholin citrate, Citric acid , Inositol, DL Methionine, Vit B12, Vitamin E , Biotin, Zinc Sulphate, Yeast Extract, Liver Extract, Base with toxin binding action and fortified with MOS.

Features Benefits
Breaks down serum triglycerides levels Prevents fatty liver and mortality
Stimulates Lipoprotein Lipase Regulates Fat and Protein metabolism
Has a visible effect on Toxins So better than Mould Inhibitor.
Reduces damages caused by Toxins Reduces wastage due to toxic feed.
Improves utilization of nutrients Improves FCR, Growth,Production & Profits
Boosts immunity Reduces losses due to disease & mortality.

Indications :

To Prevent and control fatty liver.
To Prevent and control damage by Toxins.
Keep Liver healthy and active.
To improve FCR, Growth and Immunity.
To neutralize stress.

Hepatotox Liquid
Broiler :
10-20 ml per 100 birds 2-3 days in a week till marketing
Chicks & Growers :
10-20 ml per100 birds for 7 days
Prelay :
20 ml per 100 birds for 7 days
Layer :
20-30ml per 100 birds for 7 days.
Treatment :
30-40 ml per 100 birds


Packing :

Hepatotox Liquid:

PET containers of 1 ltr & 5 ltrs.



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