A very potent liver protector and curative
A well crafted fusion of pharmaceutics and Herbs.
Hepatotox-ES is a complementary combination of pharmaceutics and herbs.

Allopathic Herbals
Tricholine & Inositol mobilize fat and treat the fatty liver condition very fast. Herbals prevent the fatty liver condition , but not able to treat fatty liver condition directly that fast.
Yeast & Liver Extract provide nutrition for regeneration of liver cells. Stimulate regeneration of liver cells with nutrition provided by the body of bird and Allopathic Ingredients.
Vit. B12 & Liver Extract support Damaged & sluggish liver to recover Herbals stimulate the remaining part of liver. No direct action in case of Viral Hepatitis . Have effect on Viral Hepatitis.
Anti-oxidants directly neutralize free radicals and prevent death of liver cells. Herbals complement & stimulate this action. MOS & Bentonite bind and reduce the load of toxins on liver. Tephrosia Purpurea stimulates toxin neutralization process of liver.

Contents :

Liquid : Tricholin citrate, Glycine, Citric acid, Potassium Chloride, Lysine, DL Methionine, Vit B12, Vitamin E , Selenium, Biotin, Zinc Sulphate, Yeast Extract, Liver Extract, Andrographis peniculata Ext., Eclipta elba Ext.Tephrosia purpurea Ext., Boerhaavia Diffusa Ext., Bhumi Amala Ext, Methyl Donors in Syrupy base with stabilizers.

Powder : Contains all above said ingedients except Glycine. Base of Powder is Bentonite with MOS.

Tricholine Citerate Inositol Vitamin-E Liver Extract
Vitamin B12
Herbal Stimulants
Prevent & correct
Fatty Liver
Keeps Liver Lean
Prevent Oxidation and degeneration of Liver cells
Boost Immunity
Stimulate Liver function
Improve Detoxification
Active Liver More Vitality Better FCR


Yeast Extracts
Liver Extract
Tephrosia purpurea

Eclipta elba
Androgaphis peniculata
Boerhavia diffusa
Phyllanthus Niruri
Regenerates Liver cells
Boost immunity & growth
Neutralizes Toxins
Reduces Inflammation
Regular Liver Protection
Healthy Liver Clear Liver Safe Liver

Benefits :

  • Double action combination delivers very good results compared to only Herbal or Allopathic combination.
  • Very economical in spite of being so potent.
  • Additional Toxin Binding action( In Powder) & neutralizing action in liquid.
  • A preventive which shows very powerful results when given as treatment.


Hepatotox-ES Powder : 10 kgs & 20 kgs

Hepatotox-ES Liquid :  1 Ltr & 5 Ltrs



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