Ultimate Antimicrobial Growth Promoter

Necrotic Enteritis given losses to the world’s poultry are estimated US$2 billion every year. Alternates available for controlling N.E. are a few. Entreat is one of the best combination for controlling Necrotic Enteritis.

How Entreat is Ultimate Growth promoter :

Entreat being complementry combination of three antibacterials gives broadest spectrum in its segment, covering all common pathogens of gut whether gram +ve or gram –ve. It makes Entreat most powerful solution for maintaining gut health as well as bird health.

By restoring gut health Entreat boosts immunity because 70 % of total Ig producing cells are situated in intestine.

Entreat combination has been formulated and dosage has been fine tuned in such a way that individual molecule itself can give best results, whereas as a combination, it’s an ultimate solution for gut care.

Entreat brings villi to normalcy by controlling bacteria & reducing inflammation.

Entreat Improves production of Enzymes and levels of alkaline phosphates which improves digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Entreat Increases availability of nutrients like proteins and amino acids in feed.

Special Indications :

Prevents and controls ( At higher dose)Necrotic Entritis.

Benefits :

  • Better Feed conversion efficiency, weight gain, laying percentage, fertility, hatchability and more marketable eggs.
  • Reduces heat stress, lowers mortality and improves overall performance.
  • Improves Immunity in all type of poultry by maintaining health of intestine.
  • Zero withdrawal period at recommended growth promotion dose.

Storage :-

The product have a long shelf life . Store at room temperature. In a dry and dark place.


1 Kg & 10 Kg bags


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