The Intensive Respiratory Reliever.

When respiratory problems (Mainly Viral) are at their peak, farmers look for the solution which can give quick and sure results. Most of the products available are either local acting( unable to act deep in lungs) or systemically acting (are slow to respond).Therefore traditional products fail to give desired results in desired time.This need calls for a solution which has quick local as well as systemic action.


CRDX- IR is very safe combination of Carvacrol, Cineol, Thymol, oil of Borneene Quinazoline, Vascicine, Methylchavicol, Caryophyllene, Echinacoside, Eugenol and other plant extracts in their most active forms.

CRDX - IR is cost – effective and quick relief therapy which gives unparalleled results in all type of acute and severe breathing problems because of respiratory blockage in poultry.

Features and Benefits:

CRDX-IR has local anesthetic, analgesic and anti inflammatory action.

CRDX -IR has antiseptic and anti-bacterial action so it reduces secondary bacterial load.

CRDX-IR blocks mediators of inflammatory reactions and also exerts bronchodilator, mucolytic, and anti-tussive action which prevent and control blockage of respiratory tract.

CRDX-IR clears whole respiratory tract i.e. upper, lower and lungs from thick mucous and keep them clear even in severe problems, which improves oxygen intake by reducing inflammation and mucous. Thus CRDX-IR improves drinking, feeding and functioning of all body systems.

Anti-inflammatory, Mucolytic and anti-tussive action combined with anti-bacterial action reduces no of pathogen and bio-film formation in respiratory canal. So CRDX-IR improves efficacy of other anti-bacterial treatment also.

CRDX-IR relieves bird from symptomatic discomfort and promotes feeling of well being

Salient Features:

Anti-viral action helps to reduce intensity of disease during severe and high mortality respiratory diseases.


To prevent and control respiratory problems when bird is infected with CRD, Infectious Coryza, IB and influenza like infections. To Control sneezing, cough and breathing difficulty due to any reason.

Special Indication:

Use CRDX-IR for 3-5 days when breathing difficulty is too much due to severe outbreak. CRDX- is very effective in Respiratory Diseases Management Programme in organic way.


CRDX-IR should be added to the drinking water as per following method.

Preparation method for administration in water :

Make a solution of required quantity of CRDX-IR initially in 500ml -1 Liter of Luke warm water (40* C) and add this solution to

In summer – 40 Ltr of cold/normal water per 1000 bird.

In winter – 2 -3 hours of normal drinking water.

Application Rate

By water In case of post vaccination reaction due to ND or IB vaccine, start on 3rd day from the day of vaccination 10 ml per 1000 birds twice a day For 3-5 days.
By water In case of other respiratory problems start when first sign of breathing problem appears 10 ml per 1000 birds twice a day For 3-5 days.
NOTE In severe conditions like IB, Laryngo-tracheitis,Influenza like infections and CRD 20ml per 1000 birds twice a day X3-5 days

For Prevention

Use Dilution & Application for 1000 birds Administration Twice a day
Regular 10 ml in 40 liters of drinking water Twice weekly
Special Programme 10 ml
15 ml
20 ml
7th,8th & 9th Days
17th,18th & 19th Days
27th,28th & 29th Days

Special Instruction:

Strictly adhere to preparation method for preparing solution of CRDX – IR. For quick and easy administration birds can be kept thirsty for 20 minutes in summer. In winter sugar, jaggary or saccharine can be added to water.During administration, if water intake reduces add 10 liters extra water per 1000 birds i.e. 50 liters instead of 40 liters.


CRDX – IR should be administered early in the morning (before 8:00 a.m.) and late in the evening (after 7:30 p.m.) during hot weather.


100 ml, 250 ml & 1 Ltr.



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