About Us

Regen Biocorps is an outcome of years of observation and experience in poultry with an objective to bridge the gap between available solutions in market and needs of the poultry industry.

Moreover actual needs of poultry keep on changing with every passing day.
The poultry industry needs to improve efficiency in terms of production cost, product quality,environment friendliness and deliver the products safe for human consumption.

Some of the critical challenges for poultry industry are:
1. Increasing number and complexity of diseases.
2. Receding immunity in bird.
3. Increasing number of resistant bacteria and mutating viruses.

These challenges need to be addressed to protect interest of poultry farmers and society. Regen Biocorps has come into existence to address these challenges.

We are here for “Regenerating solutions for your changing needs.”


We aspire to become leader in providing user friendly solutions which are innovative. We aim to provide products to customer which will set new bench marks in efficacy against existing and upcoming problems which are difficult to solve.


Our mission is to protect interest of our customer by providing complete and economical solutions based upon latest scientific findings as well as traditional knowledge.

Our Commitment

We offer innovative and complete solutions.
We focus on development of products based upon thorough understanding of customer’s current as well as upcoming problems.
We offer products which are result of rich experience & stringent quality controls.
We offer products which are value for money.

Our Focus

1. Immunity
2. Respiratory Diseases
3. Toxicity
4. Gut health

Our Commitment to human health

We have products that can assist in organic poultry farming i.e. to produce products safe for human health.

Our values

We work on principle of symbiosis.
We respect the people so we believe that people are the best assets, be it our customer, our business associates, our employees and experts of poultry industry.
We believe that integrity is all that matters .
We believe in delivering the best.

We have best formulations in their own segments.

  • Immon – Most potent Immuno-strengthener in world poultry.
  • CRDX – IR -Intensive Respiratory Reliever for severe problems
  • CRDX – Symptomatic Reliever in Respiratory Diseases.
  • Rescura – Broad Spectrum Anti-bacterial combination.
  • Colikil – A phytochemically enhanced Colistin Sulphate In Liquid Form.
  • Hepatotox -ES - Best Liver strengthener and regenerator for severe liver problems.
  • Entreat – Feed additive to prevent and control Necrotic Enteritis.
  • Lincstin – Universal Growth Promoter for addition in feed.

Formulation First Time In Poultry Industry :

  • CRDX
  • Rescura
  • Immon


  • An ISO 9001:2008 company.
  • Crisil rated “SE 2B”indicates “”.
  • A WHO – GMP Certified company.
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